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15 Sadly Awful Fails In Interior Design That Will Make You Giggle

We’ve all seen pretty decors and awesome hacks on how to get the most beautiful interior decor for your home! So, now, let us take a break from all the beautiful and impeccable interiors and shift our focus onto the awful interiors. Let’s look at the flipside of having an inexperienced interior design get to the work! I’m pretty sure they will tickle you to bones!

#1 Say No To Privacy?

Maybe that’s the designer’s motto in life! I haven’t had this much laugh in all this while.

#2 Pure Genius

Like, what was this designer thinking? The drawer had to serve only the aesthetic purpose or what?

#3 Give the tap some space, fella!

This designer surely need a tap on his head!

#4 Oh, My!

I want to know where did he graduated from!

#5 That’s The Way You Do It

Facing the space crunch? Here’s how you should employ the design to make it even worse!

#6 Group Peeing

Well, now, you will not be bothered about who’s looking at you!

#7 The Invisible Door

Why have you wasted the wood on building up the doors? Let it be a place for group pooping! LOL!

#8 The Stairway to Heaven

This stairway leads you to heaven, which is, unfortunately, not available!

#9 Who wants the cutlery?

Call out a chimp to fetch the cutlery for you! I want to see the genius person’s hands who designed it.

#10 Drunk Designer

Maybe, the designer was drunk while designing this?!

#11 The Stairway to Nowhere

It is probably there to allow people to sit and ponder about infinities!

#12 The Ceiling Be Too High

That’s why they say you should not sleep in the classes and turn up drunk to the work!

#13 The Upbeat Door

Well, why not have some fun while climbing up the doors?

#14 Well, Well!

Looks like probably the designer was accessing too many websites he shouldn’t really be accessing

#15 The Short One

If you’re really really short, probably you will be able to make it!