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11 Genius Ways To Use Command Hooks Around The House

A house is a house only with all the things that fulfill it. But a lot of times, we don’t really know the proper utilization of a lot of things that we use in our house. Here’s one such thing…

Learn the best way to utilize command hooks all around the house.


This is indeed the best way to store your toothbrush. Actually, storing the toothbrush of the entire family is very easy now.

Sunglasses Stand

Why lose your sunglasses by leaving them randomly? Keep them safe by using the Command hooks properly.

As A Mount

Just use them as a mount for all your electronics gadgets. You can easily mount them and watch a movie or something on that.

Belt Holder

You can use these command hooks as your belt holder as well. It’s always better to keep your belongings safe than misplacing them.

Router Stand

This is something that I personally do. It’s time you start using your command hook as a Router Stand.

No Place For Headphones

Headphones are huge and therefore there is no place to keep them. They just keep swirling around from one place to another. Being a great holder, your headphones are safe now.

A Charging Port

Make a cute little charging port using these hooks.


Time to keep your heels at a better place. Much above the ground.

Hook It Up

Just hookup everything that you think has a scope of getting hooked. Even this stand.

The Decoration

Put away the nails and hammer come holiday season. Use these hooks to decorate your house in the best way possible.

Measuring Cup

Never ever lose your measuring cup again. Make a nice holder for them with the hook and everything will be fine.