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Simon cuts off nervous mom's audition. When he gives Her a new song, she brings them to their feet

Performing in front of hundreds of people is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of guts and effort to crack your stage fear and bring the best in you in front of a crowd. This brave Mom did that…

Reality Shows

Reality shows have become an integral part of our television. At any given point in time, at least one reality show is on across all the channels. These shows seek out so much of talent from literally corners that were hard to access once upon a time.

Such shows are a great platform for all of us to showcase our talent in front of the world which otherwise was a difficult task. But not everyone is accustomed to performing well in front of a lot of people. This Mom was definitely one of them.

The Show

The show this time is Britain’s Got Talent and the participant that we are talking about is Sian Pattison. Before participating in this show, Sian was a loving mother who hated the concept of reality shows primarily because of her lack of confidence to face the audience.

It was only after the constant compelling of her daughter that she decided to fight her fear of audience and give her singing talent a shot on BGT. But it was not the audience that would test her patience and concentration here. It was one of the judges.

Checkout the video ahead to see what happened next.

The Video

Sian was very nervous in the start of her performance. A conversation with Simon Cowell made her lose her mind even more. Within seconds of her starting the performance, Simon asked her to stop as he found her voice disgusting. He gave this nervous Mom another song.

Remember, Sian was doing this for her 10 year old daughter. She was nervous, yes! But, she fought her nervousness to make her daughter proud and man-o-man, she rocked the stage with her tremendous performance.

Here’s the video.