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This Dad Dies, Leaving Wife With 6 Kids. Then She Returns Home To Find The Inside Looks So Different

Life is very unpredictable. It is not easy to survive in this world in a uni-dimensional manner. Regular ups and downs is the way of life. Just hope you never have to go through what this family faced. Sad!

Just Another Happy Family?

It was indeed just another happy family. It was growing and now had 8 members. To accommodate this number comfortably, Estelle Barnes-Summers and her husband purchased a fixer-upper home in Michigan. The house looked amazing and everything was perfect.

Amidst all the renovation, a tragedy struck the family and shattered their hopes of living a normal life ever again completely. Estelle’s husband was shot and killed. She was a 33 year old widow and single mom with six children to raise.

The Lost Hope

Anyone in this situation would lose hope easily. Another crucial point here was that their house was still completely unfinished and unlivable. It was a one way sad street for Estelle and her 6 children. To them, it seemed as if they've lost everything.

It was hard to pass the already harsh time for them. But somehow, 9 months passed away and 9 now, something happened that changed the life of all the 7 members of this family. It was very uncertain and seemed extremely unreal and emotional satisfying as well.

Checkout the video of the incident ahead.

9 Months Later

9 months later, a NGO decided to help this family. Post listening to this family’s heartbreaking story, dozens of volunteers jumped into action and collectively put in nearly 2,000 hours of work. All that this family was asking for was a secure place that they could refer as their house.

A place where they could peacefully sleep. Let's just say, all their wishes were granted. “Oh my God, I feel like I’m dreaming,” Estelle said post the big reveal. Checkout the big reveal right here. Heartwarming!!!