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13 Times Kate Middleton Was Caught Off Guard In Public

Being a princess is every girl’s dream.And Kate Middleton is just living hers.But walking in the shoes of a princess is no easy task like having the paparazzi tracking your every move,  having to pose for the shutterbugs day in and out.And being a part of the royal clan comes with its own responsibilities that have to be abided whether one likes it or not.

So let’s check out the 13 times Kate was caught off guard.


Mom Game

Kate goes to show that being a mom is no easy task even when you are a princess.


Picture Ready

Never an easy job to keep that smile on your face 24/7. One of those moments when her face shows her mood.



So would you be if someone tells the Princess of United Kingdom to wrap up her gifts a little quicker.



I don’t want to be here

Sometimes you are obligated to attend some events even if you are not interested. And Kate here definitely seems to be feeling that way.




The one accessory that would make any girl look stylish or in some off moments clumsy. Well looks like Kate here is not having one of her best heels moment.




Being a part of the Royal family, you need to fulfill your duties no matter how tired you are.Even if Kate is trying to do a good job hiding it, here is one of those rare moments when her exhasution comes to the fore.



Sheer Joy

A bear hug from two cute munchkins is too beautiful to not bask in that moment.



Momma says so

One of those days where Kate has to lay down the ground rules to her adorable son George. Well looks like she means business.



Jaw Dropper

Either someone has told her something unbelievable or just rubbed the wrong side of her.I am hoping it is more of an “are u kidding” kind of an expression here.




Such a stunning smile even if it is something as ridiculous as jumping.



Oh No

Just when you think she cant get any cuter, here is a pic of Kate with Prince William watching some sport.


Really ?

Either she is really annoyed or listening very intently to what that person has to say.


Did I get that right

Another one picture of her participating in sports.Her involvement in the sport shows off right here.