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Bill Gates Is Backing The Nano Membrane Waterless Toilet Because Of The Way It Works…

In the developed countries, most people are blessed with the facility of running water throughout the day. But have you ever considered the problems people in developing countries who do not have this kind of privilege? The lack of these most basic needs surely causes unhygienic conditions which in turn gives rise to life-threatening epidemics! It is for this reason that researchers at Cranfield University are attempting to solve the sanitary problems with the Nano Membrane Toilet which will be a new concept waterless toilet. The project was awarded $710,000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation nearly five years ago.

The design of the project was so revolutionary that Bill Gates couldn’t resist but award this project a sum of $710,000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation nearly five years ago. This nanomembrane toilet works on a simplified mechanism where closing the lid causes a rotating bowl to turn 270 degrees and deposit the waste in the underlying vat.

Thereafter, the insides remnants of the bowl are cleaned with the help of a scraper tool. Hence, the solid waste in the bowl sinks to the bottom, and the liquid rises to the top. After the bowl is cleaned, the nanofibers present inside the chamber extracts the water vapour from the waste, which is then pressed through bundles where it is condensed to flow down the tube and settle in the tank


The solid waste is then transferred to a separate holding chamber covered in a scent suppressing wax, through a battery powered mechanism. The design is indeed intricate wherein every little detail is looked after so that not even a single element is leaked out to create the system failure and cause the unsanitary condition.

The entire working of the project is demonstrated in the video underneath.