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Mom Renovates Childhood Home, Then Finds Mysterious Coffin Buried Underneath

Childhood houses are always special. It is just impossible to forget all the memories you stitched while growing up. But what if these memories become scary?  You need to check this out…

 Ericka Karner

Ericka Karner was living her dream. She always wanted to do something for the house she was brought up in. She wanted to make it pretty and therefore started renovating it. She obviously thought that after renovating, this is gonna look amazing.

But what she saw while the house was in the process of renovation is unbelievable. The contractors working on the house could not believe what they uncovered under her garage. It was the coffin of a small child and here is where the real mystery starts.

A Mom

Erica is a Mom as well and therefore couldn’t really cope up with the coffin of a small child. In no way could you identify the kid as the coffin was 120 years old. The area was formerly Odd Fellows Cemetery. It relocated in the 1930s. Most of the bodies were excavated and reburied. But then not every single body was disposed.

Everyone was shocked and scared. I mean what else can you do when you find a coffin beneath your house. But this is exactly when Erica took a strange but sentimental decision. A decision that’ll make you respect her a lot.

Take a look.


The Decision

Being a mom herself, Ericka wanted to give this girl a proper send off that she didn’t get for years. She tried to take the coffin to be reburied, but the city would not give her a burial permit without the child’s death certificate. It became mandatory for her to know about the whereabouts of the girl. A lot of tests were conducted and a conclusion that came out was positive.

They determined her name was Edith Howard Cook. She died in the year 1876. The cause was malnourished caused by an infection. Erica got it buried again and made sure that Edith rests in peace henceforth.