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15 undesirable Situations Where I Would Politely Decline

Are you someone who can never say a no? Even if you are, there are few situations in life where we would be forced to decline. Just check out the list below to know what they are.

Hornets nest

A view of a wasp, hornet or bees nest in your house is enough to send anyone into bouts of a panic attack. It’s very rare to see someone going at it full fledged knowing that they are bound for a sting fest.Not to forget their buzz which will keep you at the edge.



No one in their right mind would want to put something as unappetizing as this one in their mouths. Maybe next time this rat faced muffin baker needs to upgrade with the presentation skills.




Marketers always come up with a unique way to advertise their products.But sometimes it helps to have a spellcheck in place. This jam would definitely be not be flying off  from any shelves.




Even if thoughts are good, their choice of words isn’t. So next time before you drive around the streets scaring people off with these words it would be a good decision to read them first.



Wriggle Wriggle

Now here is a sight to drive anyone out of the store in seconds no matter how lucrative are the discounts offered. It would just be a big NO NO.



The Door

Now there is a door which I would never enter.  Not only does it just look eerie but also seems like there is only one entry to this door but no exit once you entered it.



Open your Mouth

Not only it is nerve wrecking to be close to a carnivore, but this daredevil goes one step ahead to feed it in such close proximity.



Death Wish

It’s an amazing to experience a splendid view. But it’s mere stupidity to do that at the cost of your life. Like here he supports himself with just one hand for a picture.



Furry Fan

We all tend to skip our chores on some days. But this person seems to have forgotten to clean up the room for god knows how many years. Imagine if this is just a part of a room, what would the complete place look like ?


Ants Coffee Anyone?

If not for this warning note from a good samaritan all who wanted a caffeine fix would have consumed some ants caffeinated drinks.



Golfing Companion

When you choose a sport to relax but instead get all worked up because a certain snake decides to join you on a round of golf.


Waiting Room

If the visit to the dentist was not frightening enough for the kids, these toys ensure to do just that while they are in the waiting room. Can this get any more creepier?



Out in the Skies.

If flying was not scary enough, this view from the plane window would send any confident person to a land of frightened frenzy.



A beautiful cake which has to be to be tossed out not because of its lack of appetizing taste but due to its unappetizing words.


Camping Trip

When he decides to head away from the family and friends for some peace, quiet and alone time, look who decides to join him ????