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World's Smallest Mother Surprises Yet Again With A Third Pregnancy

You might have read numerous miracle stories about giving birth to quintuplets or octuplets, but I am here with a story for you that will leave you in surprise.

The smallest mother in the World

Stacey Herald, the smallest woman on earth measures just 2 feet and 4 inches tall and has recently been nominated as ‘The smallest mother in the World’. She is actually suffering from a rare disease, called Osteogenesis Imperfecta which stunts her growth leaving her lungs in an underdeveloped condition.

Her personal life

She basically is from  Kentucky and is currently married to a 5 feet 9 inches tall man, Wil Herald. They got married in 2000. This couple has set an example out to the world that, it’s all about love and understanding the two people share rather than the looks or money one can have.

They knew that they wanted to raise a family together, but due to Stacey’s short height, they had to seek a doctor’s  opinion. Wherein the doctors had strictly suggested them not to put a life at risk, as she can’t support a life in her womb.

They both were depressed to know that if she succeeds to have a baby inside her womb, then her organs might get crushed with the baby’s growth.


Her broken heart

She shared her feelings with a breaking heart:
“It broke my heart that I couldn’t have kids. All my life my parents had told me that I could do anything. Then there were these doctors telling me that we couldn’t be a complete family. It really hurt.”


But they didn’t give up

When their doctor found that Stancey was eight months pregnant, they requested her to reconsider their decision as it might take away her life.

But, the couple were determined to go ahead with the pregnancy. She then gave birth to a beautiful little girl, named Kateri.

She got pregnant again

One year later, Stancey became pregnant again. And became the mother of a second daughter Makaya. She shared her feelings that how her second pregnancy was difficult for her. She said,

“The doctors told me I was pushing my luck. But we just prayed that God would bring us through it,”
In an interview with The Telegraph, she said,

“It was hard, I got so much bigger faster. At my worst point, I remember bursting into tears because I looked like a beach ball with a head and little feet.”

The third child of the smallest mother

You won’t believe that the couple tried for the third time, and they had a son named Malachi, who inherited his mother’s genetic condition.

She said, “Malachi was born without any broken bones. People with our condition are often born with broken arms and legs because our bones are fragile and can be damaged by the birth.”

Although when the third child was born, he was a little week and was placed in an incubator for intensive care there was still hope. At one point, doctors told them their baby’s heart has stopped working and he might not survive. But, it felt like a miracle that he survived and finally recovered.



Stacey wants to thank her husband

She said that all this would not have been possible if she hadn’t met the hero of her life.

She said, “I didn’t think it was possible to love him more. But since we’ve had our son I think I fall for Wil a bit more each day.”