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This Hungry crocodile thought it had a tasty snack when a lion decided to go for a swim

This lion learns a lesson in a very hard way that crocodile is the king of water. He was on his way to cross the pond when a crocodile attacked him, but luckily, he made it alive.


Although animals are the most loveable creatures on this earth, when they attack human beings, it turns out to be the worst situation one can ever face. Sometimes, an attack by dangerous animals may take someone’s life.

And, we know that the Lions are one of the most dangerous animals who can cause harm if they get angry. It may sound funny to you, but it’s a true moment captured in a video showing that lions too can get scared when they are put in the wrong situation. It goes to show anyone can feel threatened when the situation arises.

The Animal Kingdom

Recently, a video has gone viral on all social media platforms showcasing the undisputed situation between a lion and a crocodile. This video was shot in South Africa’s Kruger National Parks. Fascinating isn’t it?

About the video

This video demonstrates that a lion was just on his way crossing the river, but suddenly a big crocodile tried stalking him which makes the lion bounce back in the water.

While watching the video, you can hear many spectators around shouting for help. But why?

Scroll down for the video….


Why they were shouting

Actually, when people saw a crocodile swimming towards a male young lion, they got scared and started screaming for help in a hope to save the lion from the clutches of the crocodile. But before the reptile could have opened his jaws around the lion’s, the lion luckily escapes unscathed and rescues himself from the water king, the croc, just by swimming across the waterway bank.

The video

Watch out this video wherein a hungry crocodile while hanging out in the water thought that he will have a tasty snack today when he saw a lion swimming in his kingdom.

I know you will laugh for a bit while watching this video.