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This Little 3 Year Old Damaged Neighbor's Car. Mom Caught Off Guard By What's On Bill!

Kids are innocent. Sometimes, they don’t really realize what they end up doing in different situations. Yes, they can cause you some serious monetary loss by their antics sometimes but it is completely on you how to react. Maybe a lesson or two for you here…

The Case

A little 3 year old kid damaged the neighbors car by being irresponsible while opening the car door. After the toddler accidentally hit his parents’ neighbor’s car while opening a door, parents decided to do their part by leaving the note and explaining the circumstances to them. They were even ready to compensate for all the damages caused.

The neighbor had a fitting reply. In the letter shared by their neighbor, they had an invoice for the damage and repainting. This is not it, the compensation of “numerous cups of tea while pondering repair” was also included in the invoice. They had one more thing which made everyone lose their head.

The Post

The mother posted the entire incident online. The incident went viral for one simple reason. The reason was the final line written by the neighbor in the invoice that these parents had to compensate for. Right at the bottom of the invoice, the considerate neighbor wrote “These things happen.”

This 3 word line was followed by something equally gentle and considerate. This goes on to show the real character of the neighbors. Wanna know what was written ahead?

The Final Line

“These things happen”  was followed by “no charge” written in Capital. The neighbors concluded the invoice by writing, “The only thing we ask is you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!” This reaction by the neighbors was applauded by almost everyone.

“I accidentally dinged a car when the wind caught my door and ended up paying quite a bit. Nice for this man to be such a good person,” a user commented on Facebook. I am sure even your neighbors aren’t this considerate, are they?

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  1. anthony frost says:

    i have to smile when i read that men make more claims than women for vehicle body damage , i spent many years as a foreman in a repair shop and the women that paid cash sooner than tell their husband /partner ….they had had an accident…..! It is expensive to repair and paint cars , the paint and materials are very pricey , i never made much profit when i had my own business, All paint changes colour with age , matching colours is not easy…don’t scratch that car …it can be costly.

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