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Manchester Bomber's Sister Clearly Reveals The Real Reason Why He Did It…

With every passing day, our world is becoming extremely unsafe for human survival. Bombing and terrorist attacks have become a regular thing and innocent lives are at stake all the time.

All The Attacks

As mentioned above, an innocent human life has no value left in the world. Terrorist attacks have become an everyday thing. The latest Manchester attack shook the entire world and raised some serious queries regarding the human safety.

Nothing on this planet can actually justify the mass murder in any case. Taking away innocent lives is a non-forgivable deed that demands the punishment of highest order. But someone has tried justifying this horrendous task.

The Justification 

The Justification has come from none other than Salman Abedi’s (the bomber) sister. 22 year old Salman executed this disastrous task and his sister has finally revealed the reason behind doing this. The name of Salman’s 18 year old sister is Jomana Abedi.

She said that she thinks her brother did this because he was seeking revenge for the deaths of Muslim children in the Middle East. She said, “I think he saw children – Muslim children – dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge. Whether he got that is between him and God.”

This terrorist attack killed 22 innocent people and injured many.

Another Justification

Another friend of Salman said that the attack could have perhaps been revenge for the murder of his friend in Manchester, which happened last year. Salman’s friend Abdul Wahab Hafidah, was killed in what was a suspected gang attack last year and this is when Salman decided to take the revenge.

Mo matter what the reason is, nothing can justify this dreadful act. We just wish that God provides some sense to the stupid heads in the world.