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Woman Finds This Bizarre Thing In Her Backyard — And Is Stunned To Learn What It Really Is

Sometimes, somethings just change the way you look at other things in the world. Animals are exactly the same. Sometimes their beauty make them different and sometimes their habits. Checkout this one.


No one on the planet can understand animals more than Vets. After all, treating them is their job. But sometimes, even these Vets are awestruck when they come across a strange animal. Australian Vet Maria Lombard was in one such condition.

She was simply walking towards her mailbox when she found something disturbing. Maria is actually a trained and licensed veterinarian but even she was confused on finding such a thing. It was skeletal remains that she found on the driveway.


Being a qualified VET, she exactly knew what to do. She immediately documented her find by clicking a lot of pictures in different angles. Later, she uploaded these pictures and forwarded them to marine biologists in search of some crucial answers.

Even they were baffled in the start but were extremely intelligent later on regarding the subject. The Biologists confirmed that it was the remains of a smooth sea skate. I am certain that you would wanna know more about these Sea Skates, wouldn’t you?

Sea Skates

Sea Skates are sea creatures native to Australian water. They are a type of cartilaginous fish, meaning that it is characterized by its cartilage. They have 20 different types and this was just one of them. This that you see is the skeleton of a juvenile smooth skate.

By the time this creature reached the driveway, it barely looked like its reputation. The damaged condition of this smooth skate prompted most of the scientists all around the world to look into the matter. No matter what, this amazing creature looks outstanding, right? People are so glad that Maria found this.