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A Park Ranger Quietly Comforts A Very Sad Gorilla Who’s Just Lost His Mother

Be it a human or an animal, mother’s love is absolutely similar. Our affection with our mother is as good as any animal’s affection with their mother. And therefore, this park ranger could understand the mental situation of this Gorilla.


Wild animals can surely pose a huge danger for humans and come across as a threat for us but emotionally, they are very identical to us. They love their kids the way our parents love us and they lead their lives the way we go about our daily chores. Maybe this is why, animals and humans share a common link when it comes to loving their Moms.

This Gorilla lost his mother to poachers. Obviously, the Gorilla was dejected. But what hit everyone with a surprise was the reaction of this Park ranger. He was equally dejected as well.


The main job of a park ranger is to protect each and every single animal the way they’ll protect their family. This is their daily task and this is what they are paid for. While doing their job, they end up embedding a crucial relationship with most of the animals in the park.

In this photo that you see below, you can see Patrick Karabaranga sitting with a dejected Gorilla who just lost his mother. The most emotional part here is this Gorilla’s reaction. If you look at this picture properly, you’ll see something very touching.

The Touching Part

You can actually see the Gorilla appreciating this rangers concern by tenderly placing his hand on the ranger’s leg. This Gorilla is one of those three orphans living in the sanctuary. This incident took place at Virunga National Park and with more than 200 mountain Gorillas, this National park accounts their maximum presence.

This might not be a very intellectual post but is definitely high on emotions. This is the story of love and care between a human and an animal. This is the kind of compassion that all of us should try living with.