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Man Announces Birth Of Son, Death Of Partner In Heart-Wrenching Post

Giving birth to a baby is rather a joyful moment for a woman. But, there are many cases where such situations turn out to be heart-breaking ones by taking someone’s life. The same thing happened with a couple in the US, leaving t the man in a distressed state.

The Louisiana couple

For 24-year-old Jon Luc Montou 9th May was one of the biggest days in his life when his 29-year-old girlfriend, Sarah Bertrand gave birth to their first child, Julian.

Montou told TODAY that after that moment, her wife silently dropped tears of joy and happiness and loved Julian with all her heart. But then, something tragic happened to them.


They were waiting for the moment

While in the hospital, the couple was waiting for the arrival of their newborn baby. After which they wanted to go home click first pictures of their baby so that they could post them on social media sites. But, there came a little twist of fate in the story.


The tragic moment

According to news Today, just after giving birth to the newborn, Sarah died in her hospital room and Montou was left alone with their newborn baby.


Maternal death rate in US

Though today, technology has reached new heights, the maternal deaths are still common phenomena. One of the surveys in the US has recorded that around 700-900 women die from pregnancy every year.

In fact, according to ProPublica and NPR, the U.S. has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the developed world, placing 136th among the 184 countries ranked overall.

Heart-Wrenching post

After Bertrand’s death, Today notes that Montou wrote a very painful post telling his family and friends about the arrival of their newborn baby boy, Julian but her Sarah made an entry to heaven just hours later.

He wrote in his post “Sarah didn’t make it. My last 24 hours with her were the happiest I’d ever been. Please take a few moments to remember this woman.”

He told Today that he had a daughter from his previous marriage, but Sarah was always there for him when he was having a hard time as a single father.

Concluding his post, he wrote “Julian was his purpose. I’ll tell my son that he’s not just her son, he’s her legacy.” He also noted that he’ll tell Julian she needed a rest from this life.