Daughter Vanishes From Home. 6 Months Later Mom Sees This Photo On Facebook


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aureen Gullett’s fourteen-year-old daughter, Rosemary Gullett went missing one day. The parents filed a police complaint but still, they were not able to find her. What happened next? Take a look…

Almost 6 Months Later

Almost everyone believed that Rosemary had run away from home. But six months after she went missing, her mother saw a picture on Facebook that shook her. When Maureen saw that young girl’s picture on Facebook, she recognized that it could be her daughter.


Child Trafficking

It is being believed that Rosemary could be a victim of child trafficking. Child trafficking is the worst kind of reality that prevails all across the globe. Innocent children are abducted and transported to different parts of the world, traded for money, exploited sexually and mentally and abused thoroughly.


Though the girl’s appearance was slightly different, there is a possibility that her appearance had been intentionally altered to hide her true identity. [highlight color=”orange”][/highlight]. They cannot say about the exact location but she could be in California, Texas, Washington, Tennessee, or Hawaii.

And It Get’s More Tedious

Rosemary is now using an alias and hence she couldn’t be spotted from her real name. Though she is in touch with some of her friends on social media, no one knows where she is. Hence, Maureen posted a plea on social media to request everyone to inform her about her daughter’s whereabouts. She has even offered a $1,000 reward. We can only hope and pray that she returns to her mother soon.


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