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10 Amazing Unknown Facts About The Universe

All of us engulfed in our busy lives that we hardly find the time to look at the sky and marvel at the magnificent never ending universe. Such a breathtaking view.  It’s hard to imagine that the earth is just like a mere speck of dust in this vast galaxy. And not to forget there are numerous galaxies out there.

Let’s see what facts are the universe hiding from us. Read on to know ……


Expensive Suit

The space suit when converted to Indian currency amounts roughly to 75,24,05,400 INR. Whew, that is a lot of money.

Space Facts


No Tearjerkers

Well, I guess you can read or watch all those sappy love stories in space now. So just happy faces in space to see.

Space Facts



Works up an appetite

If this is what space smells like, I am sure I would never leave that place.


Space Facts



I do not understand the purpose of this experiment. Not just cause destruction on earth but move on to space too.

Space Facts


Morning and Night

It’s morning, night, morning, night, morning, night, no morning now, night now………..Spoiled for choices.

Space Facts


Space Station

The cost is staggeringly huge. When you convert it to INR it comes approximately close to, just hold your breath, about 9405067500000.00. That’s an amount I can’t even calculate correctly!

Space Facts



Newton would have been proud if he were alive today. I am only glad they did not add the findings in our textbooks or worse still, come up with a 4th law.

Space Facts


Magic or just UFO

Still a debatable topic when it comes to the existence of Aliens. There have been numerous sightings of UFO around the world, but they are yet to be proved.

Space Facts

So Cool

I would definitely like to touch one! Can we do it please?


Imagine there is a huge water body floating somewhere in the universe. I only hope we never crash land with it.

Space Facts


Save Water

The kind of efforts these astronauts take is mind blowing. Their immense passion and dedication to their profession is worth an applause.

Space Facts