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NASA Discovers 10 new Planets Just Like Earth And Here Are All the Details

Science and technology is developing day by day. Today, we have got various means to discover more about the facts of the nature and universe that we clearly never had say a century ago. And here is NASA researching regularly about the impact of space and universe and more of  about other planets in the solar system.

NASA Announcement

Here we have NASA announcing significantly important news about discovering 219 planets.Well they have found something by their researches and lots of efforts in the Goldilocks Zone where water cannot exists due to too cold temperature.There have been traces of water found on Mars.They have captured satellite images proving that.


Kepler’s Space

Yes his theory has discovered that there are now 4,034 planet candidates identified by Kepler out of which 2,335 have been verified as exoplanets and 50 roughly resemble Earth.He used Transmit Method to discover planets.Kepler’s space telescope has been given more emphasis by scientists and programmers working on the project.

Some More Information


They have found different categories of planet which are more supportive for life searches.Kepler data has found distinctive small groups planets.

Kepler’s mission

The Kepler data set is unique, as it is the only one containing a population of these near Earth-analogues – planets with roughly the same size and orbit as Earth and well, NASA just found 10 of them. The organization will delve deeper to extract more information regarding these 10 Planets.

I simply can’t wait to know more about it. We’ll inform you more about this as soon as there’s some more breakthrough.