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Stop Throwing Away Empty Toilet Rolls! Here Are 10 Amazing Uses For Them

Being a DIY organizer is fun, it helps you declutter in the most creative way as possible.So if you are one of those people who are into DIY’s, stop throwing away those empty toilet rolls. We have a DIY which will help you put those toilet rolls into something more useful.


The Wall Mirror

Just cut and shape those toilet rolls and stick them to the edge of the mirror to get a nice decorative wall hanging for your bathroom.For the full step by step instructions click here.



The Kids Garage

Take a large box and glue the tubes into a row and continue doing this until the box gets full. It is optional to paint as you can leave it looking original as well. Your kid now has a new toy garage.



Seed Starter

Make a go green initiative with this. A seed starter with the toilet is apt since over time the cardboard will decompose into the soil.For complete instructions click  here.




Desk Organizer

Spray paint the numerous toilet rolls first and glue them together on a piece of cardboard. You have your very own pen stand or a stationary box.





Green Call

Take three different sizes of the rolls by cutting them as per their requirement.Collect some twigs from your backyard and glue them on the rolls according to their sizes. Once done, glue the three rolls together. Your very own nature inspired pen stand is done.



Organize your cables

Store your cables using a toilet roll to avoid them detangling and you have a clutter free space as well. To add some extra color, decorate them with a wrapping paper or packing tape.




Yarn Organizer

Simply twist those yarns around the toilet rolls to avoid them getting mixed and tangled with the other yarns.



Organize your Scarfs

Have many scarves and can’t find them when you are in a hurry? Just use the toilet rolls to store them. You can similarly organize your ties as well.



Wrapping Paper Organizer

Make a slit by cutting one side of the toilet paper.Then simply clip the toilet roll around your wrapping paper to prevent the wrapping paper from unraveling itself.



Gift Boxes

Create a cute little gift box for your loved ones during the holiday season.