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Going out to your favorite restaurant for a nice meal is something that all of us are accustomed to. We love doing that and it acts as a nice breather. But these people were lucky enough to experience a unique receipt for what they ate. Take a look…

Douchebag Free

This is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant admiring a customer to protect them from Douchebags. Are you smart enough to understand the joke?

High As Ummmm…

I wonder what would’ve been the reaction of this customer the next morning when he regained his sanity! Don’t know about high but it is funny as Ummmm….



Now this is a unique way to describe your customer, isn’t it? We are definitely happy by this adjective!


The Second Last Entry

We have no idea what happened here. No clue about what the client 001 ordered. Whatever he/she did is mentioned in the receipt!

Well Behaved Kids

You get extra privileges if you have well behaved kids because well behaved kids is a rarity now.


Now this really cracked me up like nothing else ever did. Any Twilight fans out here?

The Discounts

Only if the last two mentioned things were real, I’d be eating all the food for free.

Low On Salary?

When you are low on salary, this is the amount of tip you can afford.

Yo Mama Jokes

Yo Mama jokes are always Hilarious, aren’t they?


Read the last line on this receipt. Crazy, isn’t it?