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10 Weird Things That Can Give You An Instant Uncomfortable Feeling

There is no scarcity of weird things in our world. We just love all the weirdness around us till it becomes more weird to look anything but believable. These things are just like that. Trust me, you’ll be uncomfortable for sure.


We all like Honey but we aren’t really a fan of Honey Bees. Let’s just say that no one likes them magnified.


I am yet trying to figure out what sort of desperation drove her to this extent? Looks extremely unsettling, right? No matter how thirsty you become, please don’t do this!

A Bug?

Any problem in a computer program is called a bug. I think this is the reason why!

Thirsty Much?

Isn’t this cringe worthy? So when I said you’ll be uncomfortable, this is what I meant! A spider in your water glass!


Damn You Window

Seems like someone was unbelievably angry here!


Brushing my teeth will never ever be the same for me!

Got Enemies?

Never in my life will I go for Paragliding again. I’ll not even do this with my enemy.

The Cockroach

No one really like cockroaches there. Imagine a girl in this condition!


Someone please ask this guy to stop. Can’t even look at it properly!

Lucky Escape

This was such a lucky escape. Could’ve been so much worse.