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13 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

There are people who just follow instructions and abide by them, but there is also this different set of people who try to simplify things and end up finding some useful hacks to go about.Let’s check them out.

Key Ring

Next time just use a staple remover to open up a key ring. With this, placing a key in the ring wouldn’t result in chipping of those nails.



Mirror Mirror on the wall

Just use a mirror as a message board. A new and funky way to leave messages. Just keep away from a permanent marker.


Straw holder

Your very own straw holder by merely flipping the tab of your soda can.



Quick Cooler

Just wrap a paper towel around the bottle of the drink and place it in a freezer to speed up the cooling process. Comes in handy on those hot summer days.



Clear Some Space

Just stack up tour T-shirts sideways to add some space to your storage. Also, makes it a clutter-free zone.



Chips Eater

Who knew that sliding paper into the Pringles chips container would help us reach those last few chips easily. Finally, a way where you don’t have to get your hand stuck in for the last pieces.



Mess Free

Peel a banana from the bottoms up to have a damage free fruit. This will keep the fruit from getting mashed up as well.




The Holder

Just flip the tabs of the juice boxes to their side to have your very own juice box holder. Now no more spillage.




Spoon Stand

Place your spatulas and spoons in the hole of the panhandles for easy access and mess-free cooking.



The Cake

Always cut your cake from the middle outwards to keep it fresh for a longer time.




You do not need an expensive waterproof case for your phones while a Ziplock bag does the trick.  Now you don’t have to fret on those beach visits.



Slice Them

Place your cherry tomatoes between two plates to slice them up. This not only is a mess free way to cut them but you also end up having symmetrical pieces.



Plate Up

Who needs plates when you can unfold your Chinese takeout containers to plates.