Celebrities and their siblings share a similar bond as we do have with our brothers and sisters. They also get into each other’s clothes, hang out together and comment on each other’s selfies on the social media.

The fans of Demi Lovato would probably know that she has a younger sister who is pretty and its crazy on how much she’s starting to look like her. 14-year young girl, Madison De La Garza shares a unique relationship with Demi and they have been growing up in the spotlight together over the years.

Just check yourself how she looks like today and you will be surprised.

Garza’s First Role

When Garza was only 7 years, she signed her first ever acting role on Desperate Housewives.


With Eva Longoria as her TV mom, she played the character of Juanita Soils for four seasons. That was a hit show and many people would not believe that such could happen in the first attempt for any star.

In her next role, she appeared on Sonny With A Chance as a young Demi.

Cute Sisters

Once during an interview, Garza mentioned that though she loves her sister Demi. Many would not realize how hard it is to be related to someone who is constantly away on the tours.

Yet she admitted that Demi is good at making time for the family and they exchange tweets and would often send some screenshots of funny texts to the family group.


Away From Spotlight

Madison would appear on programs like Good Luck Charlie and Princess Protection Program often when she stayed out of the spotlight, focusing on friends and school.

Even without any makeup or curly hairs she looks stunning and can make you feel jealous of her beauty.

As Gorgeous As Her Sister Demi

Now that she has turned 14 years, she seems to have found her real self.

It is amazing to see how much she has started resembling like her sister Demi.

Her New Assignments

Currently, Garza is the lead voice of Bibi for a cartoon series Muertoons.

She has also acted in the film called Caged No More.

Madison has shown amazing transformation and making us to just stare at how these girls have grown up now.