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This Upset Mother Helps Son With Homework On Islam, Does Not Get The Response She Wanted

In recent years we have educated ourselves much towards accepting and respecting people from other religion and their beliefs. Still, there seem to be some people around us who find it hard to reach out to that level.

A mother who posted online some notes about her refusal to allow her child to learn Islam failed to receive the support she had expected.

An Unusual Homework

Tara Cali, a mother from California, got disappointed on finding out that her child was learning Islam in his seventh standard in his school.

Her son was given an assignment on the Five Pillars of Islam. There was a QR code inside which would play the audio of a Muslim prayer from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul when scanned.


The Mother Sent a Note

On learning about what her child was being taught at the school, the mother responded very angrily. She immediately sent a note to the teacher quoting that the material being taught by them is not appropriate.

She further added her comments that her child will not be learning Islamic ethics and beliefs and if there is any problem with her decision then their lawyer can be called up.

Tara Reached Out to Social Media For Support

Tara in her anger decided that she will also post the same over a social media platform, Facebook. She might have expected that others in the community would also react similarly as her and will support her decision.

The Post Was Deleted Once It Went Viral

Once the post went viral, the mother learned that probably she was the only one who was protesting against this.

She also sent the photo of her letter to KGET TV 17, a local broadcasting site but the same was deleted as it went viral. Tara soon realized that there were many who supported such lessons to be taught in the schools.


Her Post Received Comments

Before the post got deleted, it had some comments from numerous people suggesting her to think positively about different religions and cultures. Internet Users claimed that Tara was taking things too far and nobody was forcing religion on a child.

3 thoughts on “This Upset Mother Helps Son With Homework On Islam, Does Not Get The Response She Wanted”

  1. Jozef says:

    Tara is a very stupid person. And so are her supprters.

  2. Jozef says:

    Tara is a very stupid person. And so are her supporters. Hint: Just because her kid learned about slavery does not mean that he is expected to support it.

  3. wierdful1 says:

    that lady is an idiot … her son already knows nothing , and the business world will insure it … Take something from everything , and dont make the white mans lies become your own

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