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7 Amazing Facts About Planet Mars You Probably Did Not Know Before

When NASA discovered water on Mars, we all thought that it is one great discovery enough to prove that Mars could be populated by humans. Ever since that, other more significant and jaw-dropping discoveries slipped from the mainstream media. But here we are providing you all the information about discoveries that NASA has made.

The Impact Glass Discovery

The discovery of Impactite on Mars is really significant. Impactite is actually a type of rock created from a meteorite impact. It is often a mixture of various rocks, minerals, glass and crystals that are formed through shock metamorphism. So, before you wonder why is that so, here’s the important thing. Back in 2014, a scientist Peter Schultz discovered similar impact glass in Argentina which preserved plant matter and organic molecules. So, now you know why is it that discovery significant.


Mars’ Future Crops

If our generation will ever get to witness people populating Mars, then surely they’ll be needing specifically modified crops for their sustenance on Mars. According to scientists at Wageningen University, we are up to four vegetables and cereals which would be safe to grow and consume in Martian soil.

Mars’ Mohawk

A spacecraft named MAVEN was launched with the goal of studying Mars’ atmosphere some time back. Based on its observations, it has been reported that “Mars has a pretty sweet hairstyle that actually consists of electrically charged particles blasted away by solar winds from its upper atmosphere. The electrical field is mainly generated by the incoming solar winds, but by other powerful solar events as well like coronal mass ejections and solar flares. This creates a polar plume diagram which bears a resemblance to a “Mohawk haircut.”


The White Planet

According to astronomers working at the Southern Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, “there was a time when the ‘Red Planet’ was actually more white than red. This is because Mars underwent a relatively recent ice age which was extreme than anything we’ve seen on Earth”

Mars’ Morse Code Dunes

So, these are the impressions scientists have discovered on Mars. If reports are to go by the scientists believe that these “dash” dunes were formed by winds coming in at right angles from two directions, thus, creating their linear form.

Mars Had Underground Volcanoes

The recent studies suggest that Mars once had volcanoes that resided and erupted under ice.

Mars Had More Water Than Our Arctic Ocean

Although the location is still a bit controversial, the scientists agree upon the fact that Mars had a lot of water. NASA scientists suggest that at one time Mars had enough water to completely cover the planet’s surface in one giant ocean, which would be 140 meters (450 ft) deep.