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15 Photos You’ll Find Very Hard To forget

A picture can tell a thousand stories. We create memories and keep them with you forever in a form a photograph. Here are a few photographs that will keep you stunned.

Spot The Difference.

Wonders from a single womb. Exactly similar faces. A miracle happens only once but this is truly splendid.

The Magical Flower!

Diphylleia found in Japan, China and Appalachia, the USA becomes transparent during rain. I wish I could get a chance to see this magic myself, someday.

Somebody Stop The Wind!

But this dress on you is confusing me. What made you put on such clothes?

Oh! Happy Kid!

The joy in this baby elephant’s eyes on discovering the sea for the first time. Such a happy soul he is.


A mesmerizing view of Mount Bromo. Somebody take me to this place.


What is wrong with you Mr Owl. Or is it the post hangover effect?

Would You Like To Visit?

A snap of Norwegian fjords. I don’t wish for heaven but this place.

One Amongst The Rest!

This beauty is a Temple in Bagan, Myanmar. The view is simply mind boggling.

What’s New?

They said the world is coming to an end. I don’t care about the humans but bananas. Let me find it out myself what is happening!


Happiness All Around!

That joyous moment on finding something.

Under One Shed!

There’s no best shelter other than a mother’s. You better stay away from her children. She ain’t gonna spare a single bone in you.

The Lonely Soul!

This baby polar bear is looking for a friend. Let’s be friends?

Anybody Out There?

I’m lost and need to go back home.

Take Me Away!

I’m so done with this life.


A picture of a traveller in Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand. Chills run down my spine.