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8 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

In our day-to-day life, we use many things but there are a few things, I bet you didn’t know the uses of. We’re here to reveal the use for eight such random things that have always intrigued you! Check it out!

The extra hole!

Ever imagined why there’s a tiny hole at the end of the padlock? The hole is mainly useful while oiling the lock to avoid rusting and even acts as a drain if excess liquid seeps in.

Not merely for fashion purpose.

The big woollen ball on your winter cap is not just for the fashion but in reality, it was used as protection during the 18th century by the French Marines against the ship’s ceilings.

Did you know?

Your backpack not only carries stuff inside it but the diamond shaped thing is used to hang ropes or shoes or similar items.

This is what the colours mean.

You may have ice cream scoopers of vibrant colours but did you know that the colours are actually is serving sizes of the spoon?

Mystery resolved.

Those several dents on the golf ball, in reality, helps to reduce the amount of drag making it fly faster.

This is why..

You may have noticed that majority of the door knobs are made of brass. The reason is, brass prevents bacterial growth thus avoiding any germs to reside there.

Know the science behind it.

The beers bottle has sleek neck only because when you hold the bottle otherwise, the heat from your hand is transferred making your beer warm. But holding it from the neck area will avoid such circumstances.

The magic hole.

The small opening at the end of an aeroplane window is to maintain the air pressure inside out.