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Celebrities Who Look Better at 40 Than in Their 20s

While being a common man, we at our 40’s are busy in making sure that our blood pressures go straight, our top Hollywood celebrities are just hitting their strides. Although one may get worried about the effect of growing wrinkles on our face, these few celebs are looking more interesting even at their 40’s and 50’s.

Halley Berry

This gorgeous woman deserves a big applause for not losing even an ounce of charm, beauty, and sexism over past 40 years. She is known as the ‘World’s Sexiest Charm.’


One of the hottest and sexiest beauties from 20’s, Madonna seems to get hotter and hotter every year. And now, look at her recent picture at the age of around 40, she is a total bombshell.

Jennifer Lopez

Isn’t she looking younger at 46 than she did in her 20’s? She is a perfect example who can afford the absolute best eye cream because she is the one famed star who gained millions of dollar in both acting and singing.

Demi Moore

Do you really believe that sexism grows with age? Yes, Demi Moore being the cutest actress of her times has now really become a glamorous bombshell at 49.

Sean Penn

This top American actor, filmmaker, and even political activist is now 55-years-old. Although his face has come up with little wrinkles, but even then he maintains the hottest looks with innocence.

Tom Cruise

This 50-year-old star is just as charming and looking youthful as he did in his 20’s. What do you think will be the secret of his young age even after 30 years? Is it his strict diet and rigorous exercises or is it the effect of Scientology?

Elizabeth Hurley

The age-defying beauty, Elizabeth Hurley looks as phenomenon and sensuous as she did in her 20’s. Her cutest face has now turned into a glamorous beauty and she has really managed to prove that charm on her face.

Kate Winslet

A charming star like Kate Winslet has seemingly discovered the fountain of youth even completing her 40-years. A very little to no signs of aging can’t be seen on her face since the twenties.


So, what do you feel like all that you have seen is the power of money, makeup or Scientology? Do share your views in the comment section below.