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Paul Walker’s Daughter Is All Grown Up and a True Beauty

Children are always adorned of their sweet and cute looks. And if it is about admiring the beauty of star kids it is always the most interesting topic to be searched over the Internet. Today, we are delighted to present you the complete beautiful journey of Meadow, star kid of Paul Walker (The Fast and Furious main character) from childhood to a beautiful grown-up woman.

Star Kid- Meadow

Meadow was born in 1998. Although Paul’s wife Rebecca Soteros did not live with him she always trusted him in all matters of their daughter’s upbringing.

To Paul, Meadow was like his best friend and he used to spend all his free time playing and cuddling with Meadow only.

Father’s Love

It was sad to know that Paul died in a car accident when his daughter was just 15-years-old. He always adorned his daughter and even had a tattoo of her name, but he never got a chance to see her charming princess grow up and become a beautiful woman.

All through her journey, she this daring girl is getting smarter and beautiful each year. In every interview, Paul always used to mention about his cute little bunny.

On her 18th Birthday

Recently Meadow celebrated her 18th birthday and all the pictures posted on the social media shows the amazing transformation from a cute little girl to a full-grown beauty.

This star kid has her own fan following who are always interested to know all her achievements.

Photogenic Personality

Her attractive face and the slender figure has always been the keen point of interest for photographers. Despite the fact that she suffered a huge family loss she has framed herself in such a way that she always love to travel and enjoy leading an active lifestyle.

Media persons and other photographers are always interested in catching this real beauty and actively invites her for photo sessions.

A Worthy Public Appearance

She is so much concerned about his personality that she doesn’t allow anyone to make or spread gossip about her. She always tries to portray a cute and innocent inside personality to maintain a worthy public appearance.