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The Monk Who Became The Most Beautiful Model In Thailand

From a male Buddhist monk to a beautiful model, the journey of 22-year-old Trans woman, Mimi Tao from Thailand is getting viral over the social media. Here are the details of how Mimi became a monk and then turned into a model.

Mimi’s Start at the Monastery

22 year old, Mimi was born a male but at the age of 12, she was sent to a temple school in Thailand to become a Buddhist monk.

Her family was going through financial crisis making it difficult to feed family members. But this experience helped her discover the woman buried inside her.

She Experienced a Huge Change

Her intense reflection made her aware of who she was and she decided to leave the monastery to explore herself.

She, however, admitted coming back to the monastery to become a monk and lead an ideal life.

She Was Growing but Was Behind Closed Doors

Mimi started feeling like a girl and would love to adorn herself with makeup but she would hide her real identity from the public.

When the truth came out she faced criticism but her dreams were big. She headed to Singapore to explore opportunities in modeling world through television and commercials.

A Meeting With Supermodel

Yui Phetkanha, a supermodel inspired Mimi for modeling and trained her in the world of modeling for three months.

She landed into her first project as a model and soon her name spread like wildfire which became a doorway for many other opportunities for the young woman.

Being a woman and a model, she was working hard to pay off her mom’s debt which could not have been possible as a monk.

Mimi Started Taking Things Further

Mimi and her friends started taking contraceptive pills to develop breasts but was caught by her mother who threatened to turn her away if she did so.

But Mimi told her mom that she would have to accept her as she was and she hopes her mother will be proud of her accomplishments.

Mimi worked for major modeling agencies and worked at places like Paris, London where she only dreamed of venturing as a child.

Apart from being a model, Mimi also became a role model for other trans people and is like a beacon of hope and salvation for them.