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Top 8 Personal Water Filters for Camping and Emergency use

If you really love going on adventures, you should definitely stock some of these personal water filters for emergency use! They’re handy and really comfortable to carry around. Check them out!

Survival Personal Water Filter Straw

Measuring merely seven inches in height, this filter straw is not only portable and easy to carry, it eliminates almost 99.9% of the Bacteria and Parasites from the stagnant or misty water. It works on iodine and chemicals to make the water drinkable.

Pure Personal Water Filter

This filter has the capacity to clear up to 1500 litres of water without Idione or Chlorine. The device can last up-to 5 years and weighs only 2oz.

Water One Pure Sip Personal Water Purification Filter

This purification filter comes with no measured limitation for usage and can be used for several times for three years. Since 1998, this filter is being used by the US military which clearly states the quality, says the makers of this device.


Aquaovo Alter Ego, The Urban Adventure Personal Water Filter

Having a maximum capacity of purifying water, up to 700L, the container can hold 650ml of water at a go and can be used to drink water directly from the puddle.

Etekcity 1500L Personal Water Filter Purifier

This purifier contains a hollow fibre UF membrane which is the major reason for its increased efficiency. It even has a water bag along with it thus you can carry the extra water with you.

Renovo Trio – 3 Stage Water Filter

Eliminating bacteria, metals and chemicals by it unique three stage filtration mechanism, this purifier has the ability to purify about 1000 litres or even more.

Smart Standard Personal Water Filter

Not only this device weighs only 1.65 oz and 7″ in length, what makes it unique is it uses no chemicals during purifying. And is widely recommended by the adventure enthusiasts.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Being one of the best seller devices on amazon.com, this filtration device is one of the most popular purifiers and purifies at 0.2 microns and clears up to 1000 litres of water and does not require chemicals like Iodine during the process. In 2006, Forbes magazine included it in “Ten Things That Will Change The Way We Live”.