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This is Is How You Can Subtract Two Numbers By The Method Of Addition

Almost all of us learn addition and subtraction as early as in the second grade. We only know one method of adding two numbers, simply, by adding them and same goes for subtraction. We haven’t really learnt different methods of subtracting two numbers even in the older classes. But what if we tell you that there actually IS an alternative method to subtract two numbers! And moreover, it does not really involve actual subtraction!

Confused, right? Well, it’s actually true! We often get confused subtracting long numbers as it involves a lot of carrying over and confusing digits, however when it comes to adding, it is not much of a trouble! Don’t get disheartened, there is someone else who finds regular subtraction troublesome, and it is the smart computers!

Smart computers do not subtract the digits by following the norms of regular subtraction, instead, they have their own way which involves double addition! Yes, these very smart computers that we use every day can not subtract two numbers without the method of addition.

We’ve got a small tutorial for you explaining how you can subtract two numbers using double addition method. Do let us know how you find it in the comments below!