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11 Scary Things Hidden In Pictures

Certain phenomenal and the natural course of actions do exist and can’t be explained by humans. The existence of the super natural beings is evident and we cannot question them. There are some genuine pictures that can be researched upon to validate the point.

Here we have compiled a list of pictures which gives the proof of the existence of the super natural beings.

Daemon at an Accident Scene

In 2005, a bus fell into the ridge when one of the passenger fell on the steering wheel. Several people gathered at the scene including a reporter who took this horrifying picture of a creature resembling a daemon.

Ghostly Snapchat

Look closely at the photo and you will see a girl holding her hands wearing a purple dress. The mother claims that her sister and her baby were the only ones present with her in the room.



Jealous Ghost at Party

A photo taken by the girl’s father before her birthday party started. She is the only child in the house but when the picture was taken, a little boy wearing face paint got caught in the shot as well.

Ghostly Mother and Child Spectators

In the picture, there is a mother and her baby watching the house on fire from the other side of the street.

Haunted Castle Photo

In the background, there are two figures appearing which seem to be very gray and were not caught in any other photos.

Hidden Ghostly Head

A woman claimed that the ghostly head may be of her husband’s mother or the ghost of someone who died in the house.

Ghostly Figure in The Photo

The woman claimed that she never saw any haunting in the house before and no traces of that child who is in the circle.

In the Haunted Pub

The ghost seen in the haunted pub is a friendly bartender who doesn’t mind showing himself.

Real Gnome

Some people claim that figure to be the shadow of the trees but it appears something different.

A Bathtub Ghost

In the photo with her child, there is a translucent hand just above her shoulder that could be a ghost of the woman who committed suicide in her home some hundred years ago.

Pirate House Ghost

The Pirate House restaurant is said to be haunted by the pirates. The photo was enhanced and that figure remained black while every other thing was bright.

Watch out this video for more on the creepy creatures that got caught in the photos.

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