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Here Are 11 Typos That Ended Up Costing A Fortune

Each of us makes mistakes, don’t we? And typos are commonplace while we are sending out some written documents, we apologise for our mistake with a little embarrassment and then correct it instantly. But here are a few typos which had even costed many lives. Take a look.

Let the deserving win!

In 2013, during the Canada’s Miss Universe contest, the results were announced summing up the scores of the judges and because of a typo, the second runner up was declared as the winner. 24 hours later, when they realised their mistake, the deserving one was handed the crown.

Zero has great values.

In 2006, an Italian airline company, Alitalia, had to pay a huge cost because of a typo. The company had decided to declare a sale on flights from Toronto to Cyprus. Instead of $3900, the website showed the tickets for $39. Many people had jumped on seeing such major fall of the price and booked the tickets. The company couldn’t help but allowed the passenger to take the journey, incurring such huge loss.

Not all mistakes are bad.

A typo resulted in saving the Bank of Bangladesh a huge amount of $870 million. A group of fraudsters had managed to hack an account in Bank of Bangladesh in the name of charity. But while making the transaction, Foundation was spelt Fandation. The eagle-eyed makers spotted this and stopped the transaction, sparing a huge amount to the Bank.

 It’s all about the ‘P’

In 2007, a bottle of 155 years old Allsopp’s Arctic Ale was auctioned on eBay. The product was listed as Allsop’s Arctic Ale. Due to the missing P, the auction didn’t get many hits. One wise man spotted the mistake, got the bottle for $304 and re-auctioned it for almost half a million dollar.


Be careful ‘People’

In 2010, Penguin Books of Australia published a book named the pasta bible which included a recipe that called for freshly ground black people instead of black pepper. One eagle-eyed reader caught the mistake and to avoid more hassle, all 7000 copies were reprinted costing the publishing house around 20,000 Australian dollars.

Risked a life!


In Sydney Australia, a typo had risked an 18 months old toddler’s life. The kid fell ill and the doctor had called for an ambulance. The person on the other end, instead of finalizing the booking at 9:14, added an extra 1 and booked the ambulance at 19:14. Due to the delay, the kid had slipped into cardiac arrest.

A Tech person is a human as well.

In March 2017, due to a typo by an engineer working for the web services team of Amazon.com, resulted in many web services of various companies going down for 4 hours. The loss incurred by Amazon was said to be nearly $140 millions.

How likely are you to visit this place?

In 1988, Sonoma County decided to promote their company via the yellow pages. But things didn’t turn out the way it was imagined it would. A typo occurred during publishing their add. Instead of writing ‘Exotic destination’ it said’Erotic destination’ The company’s market went down to around 80%.

Earning from the mistakes.

We all tend to make mistakes while typing. Well, there’s a group of people called typosquatters who take advantage of such mistakes. Web sites are created using the wrong spelling. For instance, Google, instead of typing Google you may type Goggle, which leads you to their site. And you might see an ad flashing on your screen. And only if you know, google earns from every add.

A massive destruction because of a symbol.

In 1962, NASA had sent up a spacecraft to Venus but the craft exploded right after 5 minutes of taking off. Someone forgot to put the dot or over bar over the R somewhere in the guidance software costing NASA $80 million which is around $630 million in today’s time.

The cheapest one could ever get.

In 2013, Macy had emailed an ad to all of its valued customer in the US stating the $1500 necklace on sale for $479. But unfortunately, they’d missed the 9 making the necklace of worth a $47. There’s no record on how much loss Macy’s had incurred. People flooded into the stores for the neck piece and even placed advanced orders once the product was out of stock. Although all the advance orders were cancelled once the mistake was spotted by the company.