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Farmer discovers a cave deep in Vietnam’s forests, turns out to be a stunning underground world

In the first look itself, these caves look amazing. You’ll fall in love with them even more once you know the story behind them as the story is simply amazing. Just check it out!

The Exploration

So a farmer explored this cave that had never been found in Phon Nha-ke Bag National Park back in 1991, when an unexpected blast of water emerged from one of the entrances. Since that day, people started calling this cave Son Doong, which is a term that the Vietnamese use to denote a “water cave”.

The photos of this cave that we have for you are outstanding. This cave actually has its own lakes, fauna and even clouds! You will need a rope in order to descend the 262 feet downwards and this hair raising journey is certainly worth it. Here are the pictures!

We told you that the pictures are amazing.

And here you can see the entrance. Looks like a paradise, right?


Here you can see the flora outside very clearly. I just wish I get to visit this place someday.

And here’s a person exploring the caves. There are so many like him who want to do what he’s doing!

Whatever this is, it looks very deadly, doesn’t it?

Another amazing picture from inside the cave.

Look at the little packet of light coming in from that minute source!

So people come her for camping and live in tents. It has become quite a famous place to spend your vacation at.

This is bliss!


And another amazing picture of the light entering the tunnel.

Can you imagine the view from where the person is lying? Of course you don’t. All I can say you right now is that it is amazing!