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Watch What Happens When This 144 Tons Hydraulic Press Crushes A Pile Of 1500 Paper Sheets

Activities like crushing and squeezing are quite fun for most of the adults and children. But when it comes to a Hydraulic press machine, the fun gets bigger, more dramatic and worth experiencing.

Here we are referring to a hydraulic press, a giant monster machine being used to crush a large stack of paper.


If you ever get a chance to see this 144 tons weighing hydraulic machine, you would be more than surprised to see its functionality. The disposal machine is dedicated for crushing almost anything in just a couple of minutes.


When it says crushing anything, it literally means anything, be it a Nokia camera, ball bearings, glitters, batteries and what not. But what is surprising for this particular era is crushing a stack of paper. Crushing paper can be a real fun when you choose to crush it through the machine. And yes, it can be a violent sight to scare you a bit.


Pressure is the most important thing when it comes to crushing through the hydraulic press machine. When the right amount of pressure is applied through this machine the paper stack of 1500 sheets result into chunks and destroys in moments.


The hydraulic press machine is pressed down on a stack of 1500 sheets of the A4 size of paper. The stack when crushed down results into thick and strong chunks just like wooden pieces which are too hard and harmful unlike the normal torn sheets of paper. This unbelievable result can never be achieved through any other process of crushing.

Similarly, a few sheets of paper pulp are also pushed down for crushing which looks like as if a stone is pressed down. The small chunks which come out are too hard to break and sharp as if broken pieces of glass.


Have a look at the unimaginable video to look at the astonishing results.

Have you come across this machine or any other giant machine which can do a big task quickly? If you have any good ideas about the stuff to crush, please write them off in the comments section.