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Nutella Is Furious After Photo Of What Actually Goes Into Its Jar, Went Viral. You Must See It Before It’s Deleted!

Nutella is definitely a mass favorite and a crowd pleaser. I am yet to come across of someone who doesn’t like Nutella. It can be a spread or simply eaten as a desert, whatever you prefer. But what does it actually contains? Let’s see.

The Image

Recently, an image of Nutella went viral.  This image was an image of what the jar actually contained and a prime ingredient was palm oil. Now palm oil has been banned due to its high carcinogenic values by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). So when parent company Ferrao heard this, they obviously denied!

It seemed as if they suddenly got a major existential crisis.

The Contents

If we go by the image, Nutella contains  palm oil, skim milk powder, cocoa, hazelnuts, sugar. The stressful part is its sugar content. In this image, you’d notice each 15g tablespoon of the spread contains 8.5g of sugar – which means that each 400g jar contains a whopping 227.2g. So, if each sugar cube is about 3g, a jar of Nutella would have 75 sugar cubes in it.

Now that’s scary, isn’t it?

And the company Speaks Up

It became mandatory for the company to open up. They said, “We don’t disclose the full proportions of the ingredients in Nutella as our recipe is unique and we wish to safeguard this. The product’s label provides simple and clear nutritional information per 15g portion, or two heaped teaspoons, as well as per 100g. The ingredients are also listed on the Nutella website.”

Well, of course the company denied the blames. All we can say that no matter what it is made up of, Nutella is bae for us!