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5 Strongest Signs That Aliens Could Exist Among Us

Do Aliens really exist? How do they look like? These questions have been raised several times in the past few decades. This question that has kept many minds wandering in search of the actual response.

Many types of research have been conducted with methods like Radio Signals, Pictorial Systems, Telescopes, and while no concrete evidence exists, there have been signs that indicate the presence of aliens among us.

Below are some of the strongest signs of extraterrestrial life

The Alien Life Linked to Ancient Egypt

Some theories have linked extraterrestrial life to the ancient Egypt. They indicate that extraterrestrials helped in the construction of the pyramids and the proof lies in the hieroglyphics.

The Temple of Seti I at Abydos has a carving which received much attention for symbols resembling a helicopter, a boat, a ship and a futuristic vessel.

There are arguments that these hieroglyphics are illusions modified through re-plastering but true believers argue that it can’t be true.

Astronauts Space Experiences

In 1965, Gemini astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman reported seeing a UFO on their 14-day flight.

Though they were told that they observed their own Titan Booster rocket but the astronauts confirmed what they witnessed was something different.

Other astronauts like James McDivitt also observed a strange white object, cylindrical in shape floating in the space.

Proofs Covered Up By NASA

Edgar Mitchell claimed to have been aware of many UFO visits but each of them was kept secret by NASA who mentioned they were not involved in any alien research.

However, NASA was also criticized by alien enthusiasts who reported live feeds being cut whenever UFO appeared on the screen.

The Size of Universe

One theory points towards the diameter of the observable universe to about 93 billion light years and there seem possibility of other forms of life which scientists are yet to discover.

Another theory indicates that humans are minuscule compared to the size of the universe can merely be bacteria of another life-form.

Men In Black

A reputed doctor, Herbert Hopkins, reported confronting a man dressed in black, bald with no eyelashes and wearing lipstick, visited him and ordered him to destroy evidence related to alien life. The man left the place stating his battery was running out.

Some others also reported encountering Men In Black which might be linked to UFO sightings but with no substantial proofs.


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