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10 Secrets Behind the Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed

As a child, you would have loved several magic acts which seemed to be real. Your eyes would be amazed to see a magician pulling out a rabbit from his black hat. And most of you would have never questioned how the tricks were done and just believed them blindly.

We have collected some facts that explain some of the mysterious and dazzling magic tricks.

The Statue of Liberty Disappeared

The magician covered the statue with a big screen placed in front of the audience. Leaving the spotlights, the illumination of the monument was turned off. This creates the illusion of hollow space and the set of lights blinded the crowd.

Disappearing Huge Truck

This is pretty simple. Simply drape a special construction over the truck and create a fake audience with your friends. Next, ask somebody to drive off the truck out of the construction and when you take the covers off there is no truck.

Man in the Air

There are no special powers behind this trick. It just involves placing a special structure under the performer, covered by his baggy clothes.

Hand through the Glass

When the performance starts, the fake mirrors are moved in the front thus making space for the hand to pass through. At the end, the assistants move the real mirror adjustment to the front again.

A Dollar Magic

The magician folds $1 bill in a special way hiding it behind his fingers and then substitutes the same with another $100 bill without others seeing his trick.

Walk on Water

The person doing this trick creates a glass or clear plastic platform which is invisible to everyone. Such acts are performed in unclear waters or swimming pools.

Underwater Chain Escape

The magician uses his physical strength to get rid of fake locks used in this magic while the assistants loosen the latches and hinges to make it happen.

A Signed Card

The magician already had a folded card in his pocket which he replaces with the signed card. The signed card is safe from the start while the torn one is hidden.

Swallow a Sword

This trick is really dangerous and the performed keeps his head up such that his throat and stomach make a straight line leaving zero chances of getting hurt.

Split in Two Trick

This requires some perfectly designed prop which hides the complete structure of the magician. The left hand and right shoulder don’t move and legs are moving below the knees only. This means that knee to waist is just a mannequin hidden by baggy clothes allowing him to bend enough to look separated.

If you also have any such secrets behind few magic tricks then share in the comments section.