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Everyone On This Busy Highway Just Stopped And Got Out Of Their Cars… This Is Why.

Jewish people worldwide would never be able to forget the Holocaust day, the day many lost their lives.


The Holocaust Remembrance Day is an emotional day for all the people of the Jewish community across the world. Approximately, six million Jewish people lost their lives in a brutal massacre which has never been forgotten by their descendants.

Till date, the day is remembered in respect of their ancestral deaths. The year-long genocide by the Nazi regime resulted in breaking communities all over Europe while affecting the rest of the world too.


In Israel, the Holocaust Remembrance Day was observed on a busy highway when millions of people were travelling for their normal routine jobs and tasks.

It could not have been possible without the support of common people who paid a special homage and did not think for once about their personal responsibilities and duties.



Paying a tribute towards the horrifying time of the human history was not that easy, but Israel people made it happen to create a new history. While everyone was travelling in their vehicles, a siren was sounded and everyone came to a halt in the middle of the highway to show the respect.

Everyone got out of their vehicles to stand in the middle of the road and stood for the complete time in silence. They showed a special way of paying respect to the lost lives. It was an incredible act which was smoothly performed by the Israelis.


The lost lives were the precious lives for the entire Jewish community. Definitely these could never be gained back but paying such a tribute is a remembrance forever.

This incredible act of humanity proved that the value of sacrifices is always worth remembering for. A single siren made people halt for a while but in reality, it created a history which will be remembered forever.



Would you like to watch how Tel Aviv commuters pay their respect to those who lost their lives? Watch this video and your heart will be full of respect as well.