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The Sordid Life Of Chinese Underground Nightclub

Sergey Melnitchenko, a Ukrainian artist moved to Chengdu, China in 2015 where he worked as a model and a dancer. Soon he got a job in one of the city’s nightclubs as a photographer and he captured the sordid life of the performers at the backstage.

For the few months that he worked there, he decided to capture the real lives of singers, dancers, clowns who performed at the unnamed night club.

Below are some of the pictures that reveal the dark underbelly of Chengdu.

Girls Wearing Mask

Despite China’s ban on strip clubs and sex clubs, employees had to face a lot of atrocities, misfortune, and troubles on the backstage. These girls wearing masks and little clothing as they get ready to take on a shift at the club.

Seducing A Customer

The street is the common melting point of lust and desires.

The woman is supposed to talk to a customer who has come to frequent the club.

A Newbie Exposed To Abuse

This is how a girl, who just joined the club, gets abused and humiliated by a visitor. Every visitor tries to do something ugly like pouring beer on her tits, her ass or on her vagina.

The Agony

The difference between the high profile society and the dirty street look vanishes when all arrive at the same place to quench their thirst.

The Bruises

The people are high on drugs, smoke and other elements that they don’t even realize how much they harm themselves.

Unusual Interests

A picture depicting some unusual happening at the backstage as the performer prepares herself for the show.

No Proper Dress

Nobody comes to the club to watch the dance. They are more interested in getting into the girl’s underpants.

What Are They Doing?

The performers at the backstage can be seen indulging in either embracing, fights or taking seduction tips.

Inner Feeling

The performer tries to find her real identity by looking at herself in the mirror. She doesn’t look happy but that’s the truth of her job.

They are Humans Too

Nobody gives the right to misbehave with them, but still, there are few customers who fill their life with endless pain.

That’s extreme filth which many people have to go through in certain parts of the world. Let us know your views on the same.