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9 Texts That Can’t Be Real…Right?

Sometimes, your conversations with people turn out to be funnier than the funniest comedy shows live on television. Here we have an example that you are simply gonna love! Take a look…

Real Awkward

Always wondered about the most awkward situation ever? Well, nothing can beat this.



To His Wife

Always cross check whom you are messaging. Always!

Coolest Mom Ever

Admit it. This Mom is cooler than we expected her to be. Like seriously!

Coolest Dad Now

Whatsup with parents nowadays? Why are they acting so cool? Is there something I am failing to understand?

Real Lol

Now this is like hitting someone below the belt. Too hard to take.


Only if I had a wrong number message like this. Such adorable cats I tell you!


Because he is a M.A.N

Funny But Cruel

This Dad is funny. Yes, very funny. But cruel, very cruel!

Importance Of Knowing Where To Stop

Only if this man knew where to stop, he’s life will become so much better.