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10 Life Hacks That Are a Total Scam and What You Actually Need to Do Instead

Hacks were created to make life a bit simpler and easier. But, what if there are some hacks which look good in theory but fail miserably in our practical life by doing more bad than good.

Let us check out some hacks listed down here which are better left untried.


Hair Straighter

Using an iron straighter as the other ironing tool is not advisable. As the straighteners are very hot, there is every chance to burn yourself while you iron wearing the shirt.

Just Use the Iron


Colored Tape

Colored tapes make things messier. Instead just use highlighters and markers.

Color Memory


Tell Me Your Dreams

Drinking apple juice before bedtime will only result in tooth decay and be having to use the bathroom frequently in the night.

You Can't Change Your Dreams That Easily


Map Apps

In a place with language barrier use wifi to download maps and online dictionary.

Just Use Map Apps


Money Matters

It is not possible to save money like this, unpacked products are way cheaper and the quantity is also more.

Spend Your Money Wisely


Ketchup Bottles

Filling the pancake batter into a ketchup bottle is hard and it just creates a lot of mess.

Ketchup Bottles Are for Ketchup


Brush And Floss

This tip will not help in preventing any tooth decay, but will only manage to keep your body hydrated.

Just Brush and Floss Your Teeth Regularly


Barbeque Nights

This will not help you get a decent barbeque. It will either burn out the meat or have it undone. It is better to invest in a good grill as it will serve you in the long run.

Sunday Barbeque



The basic instruction which comes with a microwave is to not microwave metal objects.

Ice Cream for Everybody


Fire Setups

You are bound to find twigs, just use them instead of going through this trouble. Why sacrifice something edible?

What Happen to My Doritos?


Are you aware of any hacks which have misfired? Just share them in our comments section.