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8 Most Insane Waterslides In The World

Water Slides are a great source for fun and also to beat the heat. They are fast, wet and wild and you don’t have to go far to find them. The greatest thing about these slides is that they come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be tall and straight while others can take you through several curves giving you a pleasant experience.

These are some of the craziest, coolest and innovative water slides in the world, that you can plan to visit.

Summit Plummet

The Summit Plummet water slide at Blizzard Beach in Walt Disney World has a high-speed, very intense water slide with a height of 120 feet and a top speed of around 50 mph (for kids) and 60 mph (for adults).

Insano – Brazil

The world’s tallest water slide at over 130 feet as tall as a 14-story building will give you a great view of the Atlantic Ocean while you climb up there.

Leap of Faith

The feature of this slide is that it passes through a pool filled with sharks. The glass you pass through is strong enough to protect you from hungry jaws.

Kilimanjaro – Brazil

The rider on Kilimanjaro drops from a height of 164 feet, the second highest in the world and accelerate to a speed of 62 mph.

Wildebeest and Mammoth

The two longest water slides are found in one amusement park. Wildebeest slide was opened in 2010, the record of the tallest slide was beaten by the opening of Mammoth slide in the same park.


The ride was built in 2012 and can give you an awesome experience doing a 360-degree loop on a water slide. You have to be really brave to take this ride.

Scorpions Tail

This water slide is a part of the world famous Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin, USA and is spread in the 70-acre park. It is ten stories tall, 400-feet long, and the first drop will rocket you to a speed of more than 50-feet per second!


The Verrückt in Kansas City is the world’s tallest water slide at 168 feet high. It is as tall as a 17-story building with 264 steps to get to the top.

Have you been to any of above-mentioned water slides? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.