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Trump’s Response to Crash of USS John McCain Left Reporters, Navy Baffled

When you are given a big position then you have a lot of responsibilities and there are some moments which demand an authoritative response failing which you can get trolled badly over the social media. You might have seen many big leaders getting into controversies over their words spoken on any event or incident.

One such leader Donald Trump left media and internet users baffled by his initial response to a recent tragedy.

The Tragedy in Blue Sea

On a Sunday afternoon, at 5:24 PM ET, a United States Navy guided-missile destroyer, the USS John S. McCain, collided with a Liberian merchant vessel off the coast of Singapore.

This was the second serious accident with American Navy ships in the same region in little less than two months.

A Big Loss

The U.S. Navy reported that search and rescue operations are in progress to track the ten sailors who were missing and five sailors also suffered injuries due to the collision, of which four were medically evacuated to a Singapore hospital.

As per the statement, while the ship suffered damages to its port side, it sailed back to port at Changi Naval Base, Singapore on its own.

Response from the President

The damage to the American Navy ship was immediate and catastrophic. When media reached out to The President Donald Trump to ask about the Sunday collision, he initially gave an oddly muted response by just saying “That’s too bad”.

That Didn’t Go Well over Twitter

Soon after this media trolled him over his bad response.

Some others put the blame of tragedy over bad staffing.

A Constructive Message from the President

Late in the evening on Sunday, President Donald Trump gave a more appropriate message on twitter from the commander in chief.

This was followed by a tweet from Sarah Huckabee Sanders from her official @PressSec account

As the search operations were underway, Senator John McCain, whose father and grandfather are the namesakes of the damaged destroyer, offered his family’s prayers as well.

The Navy is still investigating the Sunday’s collision which happened just two months after seven sailors were killed when the USS Fitzgerald crashed into a Japanese merchant ship this past June.