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5 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

The world is full of mysteries which are still unsolved and such unsolved mysteries often lead to curiosity and ruin our beliefs, forcing us to consider that there is something supernatural about them. Here, we have made a list of five mysterious creatures ever caught on the camera whose existence is yet a matter of question.


The Japan’s disastrous tsunami was caught on camera by thousands but there were some videos which had caught something very much different and creepy. It appeared all of a sudden from water, shape lifted and then suddenly climbed up the wall and disappeared. No scientific explanation has been given in the creature’s matter yet.



A mystical giant worm like creature was captured by Hjortur Kjerulf, making its way upriver against the currents of a glacial river that feeds Lagarfljot, a freshwater lake in east Iceland. It was compared to the Giant worm seen for the first time in 1345.



A video of a creature was captured in China’s Sand Bay by Shenzhen Reservoir in 2015. It had large claws and had no fur making it look creepy. It was then kept in a steel cage which the animal was aggressively trying to come out of by trying to cut it leading to a bleeding mouth. Many people said it to be a Chinese mythical creature while others said it was a Malaysian bear cub with a skin disease.



A mysterious creature was caught on camera in 2015, near the seabed off the coast in Angola, residing at the depth of 1325 meters. It was captured by BP team, who were there in the ocean with their Remotely Operated Vehicle, where they captured this creature. It is said that this is a creature with a colony of other sea creatures that will grow out to be the world’s largest animal as they grow as much as 65 feet long. They live through cloning.



This one is the creepiest. A Ningen is a Japanese word meaning Human. A humanoid type of creature was seen by the Pacific fishermen who claimed to spot the creature in 1990’s. It is said that it is 60 to 90 feet long with a blubbery whale like body but head, torso, and appendages of a human.