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Crushing Batteries With Hydraulic Press Is EXTREMELY dangerous.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve got you these crazy experiments! So, before we begin with the experiment, let me tell you that it’s obnoxious and you should never try this at home given that it’s also fatally dangerous!

So, the experiment shows what happens when you try to crush batteries with the hydraulic press! Starting from the normal AA batteries, this experiment has gone up to some very powerfull LiPo batteries. It is only been demonstrated to caution you of the extremely dangerous impact and in no way, it is meant for fun. So, you should never get fascinated with such stuff and try it out yourself!

The video shows how on crushing the batteries, they explode to cause fire all around which if left unmediated can cause serious harm to everything in its vicinity.

Here’s the entire video of different types of batteries being crushed under the hydraulic press demonstrating the catastrophic impact as well. So, be safe and don’t try this yourself!