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Map Showing What people Hate The Most In Each US State

We live in an era where love and breakups are an everyday business.  Amidst all this, finding true love is a real challenge.  You all would second that being single is not easy especially when everyone in your friend circle is either in a relationship or tying the knot.

While there are many websites and apps out there which match people according to their similar likes, this latest addition to the dating app is a bit different in its approach! It actually matches people according to their similar dislikes! And, hence the name, “Hater”! “Hater” is the latest one and it matches people that essentially hate the same thing. It’s a new spin on all the regular dating apps that are out there. Signing up for Hater takes a bit of your time, but it’s entertaining.

The app has gone an extra mile and collected all the data from all around the US and created a map according to the likes and dislikes entered by the people.  The map created by the data provided by the app is funny to see, For instance, the map reveals that Alabamians hate vegetarianism or that people from Nevada hate feminism and New Hampshirites hate God. Let’s take a look at what the people collectively hate in different parts of the states!


It’s huge, isn’t it! Must say, the ideators behind the idea know well about the human psychology! People who hate similar things really gel together well! So, now that you know the statistics, you can safely strike a conversation once you know where your love interest belong!

Though signing up is a hectic task as it involves 3000 odd questions related to your likes and dislikes, but once you’re on the board, you can be sure to get some decent matches for yourself out there! So, try it! Who knows, who shares the same hate that you have for a certain thing!