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These Pictures Of Hong Kong’s Coffin Like Rooms Will Leave You In Distress

Most of us often crib about not having individual rooms at our houses, or the backyard at our home or may be a larger kitchen area! We always aspire for better and bigger homes and are almost never thankful that we’ve got a roof over our head without much hassle! However, I am sure this one post is going to change your views over most problems in your life, it will show you how trivial they are actually!

In the underdeveloped countries, most people are forced to live in obnoxious slums where you wouldn’t leave even your pet for an hour let alone you trying to live there! You may imagine a tiny trailer house as a rather difficult place to live, but even the thought of these coffin cubicles of Hong Kong will convince you to be thankful for your blessed life.

So, take a look at the reality called life in the underdeveloped parts of the world!

Doesn’t it make you creep?

Everyone craves for a roof on the head even if it’s as small as a coffin!

In the wealthy state of Hong Kong, over 20000 people are forced to live in such distressed conditions because they can afford only this little space!

Legally, the property is so expensive that people are forced to live in these tiny flats which are illegally divided into spaces as small as 20 square feet.

The houses measuring around 120 square feet which are just slightly bigger than this coffin cubicle can cost the inhabitants around $580 in rent and utilities.

Most of these cubicles do not even have the space enough to stretch out the legs without messing up the other things!

It is indeed distressing to see all this!

Think of them before cribbing over your home next time!

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