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13 Ridiculous Wedding Photos That Should NOT Go in Their Album

A wedding is about two imperfect people who decide to share their rest of the life with each other after making huge announcements in the public. They always like to capture their grand beginning in the form of pictures so that they could recall those lovely moments in their future lives.

But there are some pictures which should definitely not to be a part of the wedding, take a look!

Wrong choice of clothes

For sure, this type of picture should not be included in any wedding album. Look at their clothes choice, all are filled in with big holes, simply a bag choice!

Your lovely dress

The bride in the picture should be asked to pull up her dress before clicking the picture, because once she sees it, definitely she will want to delete it immediately.

Photographer’s Disaster

Before taking this shot, the photographer should have tried different angles because after adding this picture to his portfolio, he must have to struggle to get more projects.

Fixing the girdle

Setting her for comfort by fixing the girdle gave a shot that of course, the groom would not be happy to see.

Does he want more beer?

The groom is wondering if he can have another bottle of wine. The bride will not allow adding this picture in their wedding album.

Body-builder Bride

The Hulk bride has gained the complete focus here outshining the dashing groom.

The Monkey Bride

You all love doing gymnastics, but how could a bride think of hanging on a swing on her wedding day? Delete it!

Shot in Portaloo

This is probably the most ingenious kind of creativity the photographer has imagined before clicking the picture.

Fashioned Photobomb

Making your wedding pictures the most memorable and beautiful and if it is along the seaside. But the photographer should have taken this shot from the other side so as to save it from getting ruined by the drunk man.

Why are the people pulling her back?

It seems that the bride is trying to escape herself from doing the biggest mistake of her life but got stuck in between.

Call the groom

I am sure the groom would not be happy seeing this!

Cheesy Bride

The photographer should have suggested the bride keep her mouth shut.

Well-budgeted Costumes

These guys are trying to save huge money on their wedding. Instead of purchasing heavy costumes, they decided to paint themselves. Good idea! But this picture should be avoided adding in their wedding album.


So, guys beware of each and every moment that is being captured!